The Upper East Side is a residential NYC neighborhood between Central Park and the East River, from 59th Street to 96th Street. Find an Upper East Side apartment with Think Real Estate.
The Upper East Side is a neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, between Central Park and the East River. The two square-mile (5 km) neighborhood, with elegant rows of landmark townhouses, once known as the 'Silk Stocking District', has some of the most expensive real estate in the United States, and is believed to be the greatest concentration of individual wealth in the nation. The Upper East Side stretches from 59th Street north to about 96th Street. However, as one approaches Central Park, the Upper East Side's upper boundary climbs slightly north, nearly reaching 110th Street on Fifth Avenue. Embedded within the Upper East Side are the neighborhoods of Yorkville, centered on 86th Street and Third Avenue, and Carnegie Hill, centered on 91st Street and Park Avenue. While still wealthy, Yorkville does not compare to Carnegie Hill in the scale of its wealth. The area is host to some of the most famous museums in the world. The string of museums along Fifth Avenue fronting Central Park has been dubbed "Museum Mile." It was once named "Millionaire's Row." Among the cultural institutions on the Upper East Side: Metropolitan Museum of Art ; Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; Whitney Museum of American Art; Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum . The Upper East Side has been a setting for many movies and television shows due to its world-class museums, expensive restaurants and boutiques, proximity to Central Park, elite schools, and influential residents. The neighborhood has a long tradition of being home to some of the world's most wealthy, powerful and influential families and individuals. Some of the great and not-so-good who have lived here include: Woody Allen; Candice Bergen; Michael Bloomberg; Sean Combs; Art Garfunkel; Rudy Giuliani; Caroline Kennedy; Ralph Lauren... more