A true “take charge” strategy.

THINK Properties currently manages and owns over $450 million dollars in multifamily residential real estate, reflecting more than 20 buildings under management, as well as more than 100 corporate temporary housing units. We value our reputation as trusted, experienced, responsive management partners for buildings of every size and description.

When you invite THINK Properties to manage your real estate, you receive the care we’d give it if we owned it ourselves. From dramatic lifestyle enhancements to Abigail Michaels concierge and additional services, wWe redefine the vision of each building carefully, and then set our expectations high to position each project for success. At THINK Properties, we are fully invested in the most advanced technologies, coupled with unequaled access, responsiveness, and turnaround time.

32 East 32nd Street
Midtown East
Madison Avenue & Park Avenue South
322 East 39th Street
Midtown East
First Avenue & Second Avenue
35 East 32nd Street
Midtown East
East 32nd Street & Madison Avenue
945 First Avenue
Midtown East
East 52nd Street & East 53rd Street
140 West 19th St.
Sixth Avenue & Seventh Avenue
100 West 27th Street
Avenue of the Americas & Seventh Avenue
1355 Second Avenue
Uptown East
East 72nd Street & East 71st Street
57 East 3rd Street
Second Avenue & First Avenue
585 Third Avenue
Midtown East
East 38th Street & East 39th Street
558 Broadway
Broadway & West Huston Street
232 Seventh Ave
West 23rd Street & Seventh Avenue