Morningside Heights is the neighborhood just north of the Upper West Side. It is home to Columbia & Barnard Universities. Find a Morningside Heights apartment with Think Real Estate.
Morningside Heights is a neighborhood of the Borough of Manhattan in New York City and is chiefly known as the home of institutions such as Columbia University, the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, New York, the Riverside Church, and St. Luke's Hospital. Morningside Heights is bounded by the Upper West Side to the south, Morningside Park to the east, Harlem to the north, and Riverside Park to the west. In terms of street names, the edges of the neighborhood may roughly be considered either 106th Street or 110th Street on the south, Riverside Drive on the west, 123rd Street or 125th Street on the north, and Morningside Drive on the east. The main thoroughfare is Broadway. Arguably the most famous restaurant in Morningside Heights (and one of the most famous diners in the world) is Tom's Restaurant on Broadway at W. 112th St. After being featured in the song "Tom's Diner" by Suzanne Vega (an alumna of Barnard College), it became known as the daily hangout of the characters of the television sitcom Seinfeld. (Exterior shots of Tom's were used on Seinfeld; the interior of the restaurant looks very little like the fictional "Monk's Cafe," as the scenes in Monk's were filmed on a set in California.) Tom's is now part of the regular Seinfeld New York Tour conducted by Kenny Kramer. The West End Bar is another famous local restaurant, one which served especially as a meeting place for writers of the Beat Generation in the 1940s and 50s as well as one for student activists prior, during, and after the Columbia University protests of 1968. It is currently being absorbed into a Cuban restaurant chain, "Havana Central, and will be known as "Havana Central at the West End"... more